Monday, March 26, 2007

You Break It, You Bought It

I’ve signed up with a web site called It’s a site where, for a small subscription fee, you can post travel stories that you want to re-sell to new editors at a bargain rate. I once heard the site described by another travel writer as the best $39 he ever spent.

I haven’t exactly been having that kind of luck with it. Actually, I haven’t sold anything on it yet. But I am getting some nibbles. There’s a statistics page that tells me people are clicking on the articles. They just aren’t buying.

You know who you are. If you’ve been browsing—thank you very much for stopping by. I appreciate your taking the time. I’m honestly flattered that you seem to be coming back once, maybe even twice to give my pieces another look.

But how about making a freelancer a very happy person? Just go ahead and make the purchase. It’s for a good cause (I assure you). And it’s a good price. Where else are you going to find a certified pre-owned article about Shakespeare’s Verona, Thanksgiving in China, or how to arrange a gay wedding abroad? Please; you won’t regret it. Operators are standing by.

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