Friday, April 07, 2017

It’s a Large Room After All

One more article in my Orlando series has surfaced on the Girls That Roam website. I visited this hotel, oh, a few minutes ago now, but a little online investigation reveals that it’s all just as it was, so no worries.

This was one of those articles where I had to separate what I like from the mission statement of the hotel. I think it comes through that I didn’t care for Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort a great deal, but it’s a fine property. It’s just not for me. It’s meant to to be a family hotel, and for a family visiting Disneyworld, it’s fantastic. For the childless, queer, cranky woman traveler who would really rather be backpacking through Asia or sneaking into Cuba, not so much.

I don’t think very many people like me end up at family resorts in Orlando, so I imagine that on balance, most guests are quite satisfied with their stay at this property.