Friday, March 30, 2007

Devine Secrets of the Ink-Stained Sisterhood

Barbara Kingsolver and I are practically sisters now. Not blood sisters, of course. More like ink sisters. Sisters who have never met. Sisters who can’t pick each other out of a lineup. Sisters who aren’t necessarily mutually aware that the other exists.

So maybe we’re not so much sisters. But today I did happen to see my name on the same web page as hers. This tickled me deeply because she’s one of my favorite authors. I read and re-read The Bean Trees compulsively when I, like the heroine of that book, was in my early 20s and new to the West.

The web page that includes both of us is part of the Travelers’ Tales web site. It’s promoting the book The Best Women’s Travel Writing 2007, which, as it turns out, we both appear in. I feel like it’s a huge honor for me to see my name just a few signatures removed from the author of The Poisonwood Bible.

I’m not sure how Barbara feels about it though. I guess I’ll have to ask her at the next family reunion.

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