Friday, November 17, 2006

Travel Anxiety Dream

Pipi and I are flying to L.A. tomorrow morning to see her family, a pretty routine trip we seem to make a couple of times a year. It’s the shortest flight I regularly take, from the Oakland airport, which isn’t very big, to the Burbank airport, which is truly tiny. We won’t even be leaving the state. No one’s taking any time off work. This is really one of the least dramatic trips imaginable.

Yet last night I still managed to have a travel nightmare about it. I dreamed I arrived (alone for some reason) at the check-in counter and discovered that I had forgotten all my luggage. I don’t think I even had a carry-on, or a purse, or even my wallet. I was just standing there empty-handed, wondering how I could have been so absent minded as to leave home without a suitcase.

The funny thing is that once Pipi and I really did leave some baggage behind, but it turned out fine. Before a trip to New Orleans, we got to the Oakland airport parking lot and as we were unloading our bags, we realized we’d left Pipi’s carry-on sitting in our driveway. We live so close to the airport (about 15 minutes) that we were able to return for it--it was still sitting right where we’d left it--and make it back to the airport in time. (Our boarding group was pretty terrible, but we did catch the flight.) So I’m not sure where this luggage anxiety dream comes from.

Does anyone else out there have weird dreams like this before they travel?

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