Thursday, November 30, 2006

Don’t Leave Home Without It

I really wanted to show you something I found today. It was a strange bust made out of some kind of hammered metal that I saw sitting on the sidewalk in front of a scrap metal yard. It was about 4 feet high, sitting on a cart that was about waist high on me, so the whole thing towered over my head. I don’t know whom the statue depicted. He had sunglasses and a pompadour, so I’d say either Elvis or Kim Jong-Il. It wasn’t a technically flawless piece of art, but it made me laugh and definitely brightened up the corner of 5th Street where I found it.

Unfortunately, I made my discovery early this afternoon, and I didn’t have my camera with me on this walk. By the time I got back there with my camera, the street art was gone. Recycled, I assume, although I didn’t actually see it in the scrap yard.

So I’m sorry. You’ll just have to take my word for it that there are weird and wonderful things to be found in this city if you have your eyes open. (And if your timing is lucky.)

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