Friday, July 13, 2007

Well, Somebody’s Got to Not Do It

Who hasn’t been to Guilin? Can you all raise your hands if you haven’t been? Allrighty, then. It is just me.

My grandfather informs me that he and my grandmother went there once, and it really did look like the paintings, and the fishermen really do use cormorants for fishing.

Seriously reconsidering my multiple-city stance….


Sam Pond said...

Hello Nicole,

I have a company (a project, really) called Stroll San Francisco that offers really entertaining audio tours of of the city in mp3 format, ideal for use on iPods and other audio devices. The tours feature professional actors portraying the city’s colorful historical characters, real San Franciscans telling their own stories, well-known city historians bringing the past to life, great music, sound effects and a lively narrator. There are 33 tours in all, 4 ½ hours worth, covering every corner of San Francisco. They can be purchased at

A little about myself… I’m a fourth-generation San Franciscan whose great-grandfather was mayor of the city in the late 19th century. I’m also an ex-Shakespearean actor and director who now creates radio advertising for clients all around the country ( The mission of Stroll San Francisco is to bring our city to life (and have a little fun along the way) for all who visit.

I just wanted to spread the word to you and our San Francisco visitors. Hope you enjoy the tours!



Sam Pond, Founder/Chief Storyteller
o 415-665-8911
c 415-297-6534

Nicole said...

I don't normally like people posting advertising on my blog, but this one seems like it's in the right spirit. I checked out the links--they're exactly what the poster says they are. So enjoy! I do like a good walking tour myself.