Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Truckin’ to Truckee

There is some good news, though: My friend John, the photographer, had a commission to write an article on Lake Tahoe for Mabuhay magazine, which is the in-flight magazine of Philippine Airlines. He is swamped right now, and is trying to concentrate on photography rather that writing anyway, so he talked the editor into asking me to write the article.

This gig pays very little--almost not enough to justify the trip up there, but it’s a foot in the door with a brand-new editor, so I enthusiastically accepted. I’m planning on spending a couple of days at Lake Tahoe next week, driving around the lake until I find an exact angle to go with. Ideally I’ll come up with more than one, and I can sell the other article to another publication if it’s different enough.

If not, I think I can still make the article break even, and what more can you ask for?

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