Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Gekko Images

Here’s an interesting web site that my photographer friend John found: It’s called Gekko Images. It started out as a stock photography site, but recently they’ve branched out into carrying editorial as well. The really interesting thing about the site is that it matches up writers and photographers who wouldn’t otherwise necessarily know each other.

The way it works is that I can post a story, and then browse the Gekko inventory to find photos that I think go with it. I attach them to my story and indicate the price at which I’d like to sell the piece. Meanwhile, the photographer has also attached a price to his or her images. If we’re lucky, an editor browsing the site will see my story and the pretty pictures and buy the whole package. Gekko takes care of paying both the photographer and me.

This is an ideal situation, and it’s a long way from happening. The text feature is still experimental. I have been able to upload articles, but I don’t think they’re visible to the public yet. Still, it’s a great idea and when it’s up and running, it will be a good way for authors and photographers to help each other.

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