Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Not Strictly Related, But….

…I found a 2007 penny today, my first of the new year. I literally found it, on the ground in an Albertson’s parking lot. (Yep, I’ve still got it.) This is about the earliest in the year I’ve ever gotten a new coin, although I’m not sure what the record is.

I’ll try not to make the same mistake I made once when I was little. One year my father got a shiny new penny in change during the first weeks of January. (I don’t remember what year exactly—1977, maybe?) He gave it to me, knowing I’d appreciate it. And I did—I latched onto it and, afraid I’d leave it somewhere around the house, didn’t let it go all evening. When I finally did peel my fingers off the coin, it was all tarnished, having aged 10 years in my sweaty little fist. I felt terrible, realizing that I’d tried to protect something beautiful and had ruined it in the process.

I‘m sure there’s a lesson there, but it’s late. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

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