Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Google and Ye Shall Find

Do you ever Google yourself? I find that from a purely professional standpoint (having nothing to do with my own vanity, I swear), it’s a useful thing to do sometimes. Once I did it and found that the Christian Science Monitor had published one of my articles. I knew they were going to publish it someday, but they’d never told me when. So I was very glad I let curiosity get the best of me that day.

Today, I did it again and found another item that I knew would appear someday. It’s a photo that Out Traveler told me weeks ago they’d include in an online slide show. I finally found it. It’s pretty buried—I still can’t figure out how to navigate to it from the Out Traveler home page, but it doesn’t matter. Here’s the direct link. http://www.outtraveler.com/flash/souvenirs_17.swf. (I'm photo #2.)

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