Tuesday, May 17, 2016

How Long Would it Have Been Without Pictures?

I’ve just had another article published on Girls That Roam. It’s on the Dominican Republic. The whole Dominican Republic. The DR is small, as countries go, but large for a story subject and this article got a little long. It was based on a trip that didn’t last even a week but which packed a lot in, including time in the city of Santo Domingo, on the beach, and in the mountainous interior of the country. That’s practically three different vacations in one, so I think I can be forgiven a little verbosity, although I do know that this is something I should work on.

Most people who visit the Dominican Republic don’t do any of the things I did. They head right to the all-inclusive beach resorts on the east coast, skipping Santo Domingo and not even realizing there are mountains. My feeling is that beaches are fine if there really isn’t anything else to do, including charades, so my challenge here is to alert the world that there is more to the country than gated ocean-side resorts. I am a little nagged by the idea that if I really wanted people to read my article and accept my thesis, I might have made it a little shorter. But what’s done is done. Please enjoy. Just pace yourself.

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