Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Playing With My New Toys

I got something for Christmas that I’m enjoying a lot—a scanner. At first I wanted this so I could make back-ups of old photographs. But I realized a new use for it: I can scan and upload articles, too.

Scanning was easy. My HTML is pretty rudimentary, so uploading was more problematic, but I got it to work—here’s my most recent Philippine Airlines magazine article.

I realize it’s a little shaky. I’ve got another article to upload tomorrow, and I think I can do a better job. Still, I’m pleased with my experiment in web design. (Won’t quit the day job, though.)


Wyn said...

Fantastic, Nicole. This article raised questions: when you submit an article do you have to define the layout or can you leave that to an editor? Is the article edited after the submission? By whom?

Nicole said...

I didn't have any say over the layout. I don't know how it works specifically at Mabuhay, but I know most magazines have an art department that decides what the article is going to look like after the editors have gotten the words just the way they want them. (In my experience, the art departments and the editorial departments don't usually get along. Creative differences, I think.)

Editors almost always tinker with the articles that writers submit. This editor didn't change much, though. I can see where she cut a little bit out of both the introduction and the conclusion, but it didn't change the article much at all. That's the kind of editor I like!