Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More Procrastination

This is really addictive: It’s a game called Virtual Pilot, which seems to be a part of the Lufthansa Web site.

In this game, you are shown a European city name, and a map of Europe. You have a limited amount of time to click on that city’s location on the map. While you’re thinking, a little airplane icon is hurtling across the sky, and I’m afraid to see what happens if no selection is made before time runs out.

As a result, I’ve been making a lot of panicky choices. It’s probably best I never got into aviation. I’m discovering that, among other things, I have no concept of Italian airport locations, and that’s a country I’ve actually flown into. And I was about 1,000 miles off on the location of the Faro airport. For some reason I thought the name sounded Scandinavian; it’s in Portugal. I did hit Warsaw and Hamburg right on the nose, though, in spite of never having been to either place.

I doubt that flying for Lufthansa is really like this—at least I hope it isn’t. (“Wait, no, that’s Marseilles. Land! Schnell!”) But it’s a fun game, and like I said, addictive. I’m clicking back there right now.


Peter Chovanes said...

Hi Nicole, I met your father at the Sports Club in SF and love talking with him about flying traveling etc. Wonderful guy. I went to his blog then to yours then to Virtual Pilot..fun site. I had a terrible score. I grew up in Piedmont and know Oakland well. Fun seeing your pic of Morman Temple at Christmas always a highlight growing up. Cheers, Peter.

Nicole said...

"wonderful guy...." Agreed! You won't find anyone better to talk about traveling and flying with.

My gym is in Piedmont (makes it sound fancier than it is) so I'm there a lot. Small world! Small Bay Area, anyway.

I wondered if the Mormon temple Christmas decorations had been a ritual for a while. I only discovered it a few years ago, but it certainly looks like something that took some practice.

Thanks for getting in touch!

peter chovanes said...

Hi Nicole. Understand Don had a birthday. Happy B-Day Don. How funny, you reminded me of when we were really youg my parents would drive us up to the temple just to see the lights. Seems they keep that tradition going.
Happy New Year.