Monday, August 27, 2007

Road Work

I’m a member of a writers’ group called Left Coast Writers. One of the perks of membership is that you can submit your writing to the group’s web site and if you’re lucky, they’ll post it online.

This week, I got lucky. A piece that has previously appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle just went up in the Road Work section of the Left Coast Writers site.

Actually, LCW accepted the essay first, but there were delays (circumstances beyond my control) getting it up online. But the piece is there now, and I’m grateful to LCW for believing in it before the Chronicle even did.


Anonymous said...

Nicole, whatever the delay in posting - I like the format very much. This is one of the most interesting and easily read posting I have seen on the internet.

Don Clausing said...

Congratulations. Another example of how good writing has a life beyond its original publication.