Monday, August 13, 2007

Better Reading Though Chemistry

I had my first bookstore reading last night and it went surprisingly well. I say I’m surprised because I am, as I have mentioned, a nervous performer. But I kept it together last night. Someone once told me that it’s physically impossible to have a panic reaction if you’re breathing regularly, so I spent all of yesterday trying to remain calm and breathe. That seemed to keep the nerves at bay.

Oh, and I was also on drugs. I popped a beta blocker late in the afternoon, and I think it helped. I didn’t do that embarrassing blushing thing I usually do when I realize a roomful of people is looking at me, and my heart didn’t pound like it usually does.

There were probably sixty people at the reading. I went first, and everyone agreed that my piece was a fun way to kick off the event. I know I had fun, anyway, and I never have enjoyed myself speaking before a crowd before. The audience seemed to enjoy it, too. They laughed at all the right things.

Oh, and people wanted me to sign their books! I’d never been asked for an autograph before. Very exciting!

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