Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Fillip

Perhaps I’ve mentioned that I’m writing an article for an airline magazine right now. Perhaps not. In any case, I began my research by going to this airline’s office in San Francisco to pick up a copy of the magazine, since I’d never seen one.

I think they’re in the process of moving. At least I hope so. The place was a study in chaos, with boxes everywhere and people milling around as if, like me, they weren’t sure where to go. There were no labels or signs on any doors—it was impossible to tell where I even should start asking for a magazine. (It makes me wonder what it’s like to fly this airline, but I’m trying to push that idea out of my head.)

The funny thing was that the people who worked there seemed completely unfazed by the discord. They were friendly and untroubled. Surprisingly, there seemed to be some kind of event going on in the office, a big presentation or meeting. The fact that it looked like they were squatting in the building wasn’t going to stop them from having friends over. Dozens of chairs were set up in an otherwise completely bare room with papers all over the floor. No one seemed to mind.

Eventually someone found me and was very happy to let me have as many magazines as I wanted. I was pleasantly surprised to find that one of the issues available had as its cover story a piece by my friend John about Tokyo. I knew he’d had this assignment, but I hadn’t expected to see it with my own eyes. It’s a small travel-writing world.

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