Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Oh, How Long Have You Been There?

When I first started working at home, I wondered how this would effect the cats. This may sound silly, and it mostly is, but I wondered if they would start taking me for granted if I hardly ever left the house.

I needn’t have worried. If anything, they’re more clingy than before. They spend most of the day sleeping on the bed behind my chair, where I can’t see them but they can keep an eye on me.

Then yesterday, Tommy decided that wasn’t close enough, and decided to crawl under my desk and sit at my feet like a devoted puppy. It was a little weird, but sweet. I didn’t even seem him sneak in there. I only realized he was there when I dropped a shoe on him and he made a sort of a snuffling noise to make me feel guilty.

Today he’s regained a little of his cat-like aloofness, but not much. He got as far away as the living room for a little bit, but then it was back to the bed.

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