Monday, April 09, 2007

Gloomy Day in Los Angeles

Pipi assures me this kind of weather is not too unusual for Los Angeles, but this was the first overcast day I had ever seen there. (I saw it rain once, but sustained gloom was new to me.)

It didn’t matter, though. We weren’t there to sunbathe, so we had a nice visit. We spent most of Saturday with Pipi’s family. It’s not really important exactly where they live. Let’s just say that if you were playing Frisbee, an errant throw could end up on the Pacific Coast Highway. But it would be in transit for quite a while.

Saturday evening, we headed to Redondo Beach, where a friend of mine from high school now lives. Sunday morning she and her husband showed us the town, which they describe as a little more family oriented than say, Manhattan Beach or Hermosa Beach. I hadn’t realized the beaches all had such a sense of place, but my friend says that she knows people who grew up in L.A. and still don’t know their Beaches. That made me feel better. I actually feel as though I know a local secret now.

In case you were wondering (I was): Yes, there is a beach at Redondo Beach. A nice one. We walked along it for a while and watched surfers and volleyball players. It wasn’t sunset, but it still seemed as quintessentially a Southern Californian scene as it could be without roller skates or a yoga mat.

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