Thursday, February 22, 2007

That About Sums it Up

Dave Barry has been saying this for years, but I still was unprepared. I guess I thought he might be making it up. But he’s not. South Florida is wacky. It’s got the craziest drivers, the zaniest media circuses, and the oddest architecture imaginable. I like the place a lot; quirkiness is good, in my book. I’m just surprised, is all. The other parts of Florida that I’ve been to (and which are not Orlando) have been conservative, bland and suburban. Miami is appealingly weird. More on this tomorrow—I actually have a day job this week, editing a cookbook, and the deadline is looming.

(Oh, the sign pictured is above the entrance to a bar on Biscayne Boulevard, near the Ft. Lauderdale airport. This may be the official Florida state motto. If it isn’t, it ought to be.)

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