Monday, February 12, 2007

Some Good News

I’m part of a professional Bay-Area group called Left Coast Writers. There are meetings roughly twice a month, one where members can give readings, and one where a guest speaker is brought in to talk to us. Sometimes there are book launch parties for members lucky enough to have gotten published on a grand scale. There are usually networking gatherings after each meeting. The leader is a very successful woman named Linda Watanabe-McFerrin who makes herself very available for consultations and advice. All in all, it’s a very valuable resource for writers in Northern California.

One other perk of membership is that there is a Web site associated with it called Road Work. Six times a month, they publish a members’ writings there. I’m going to be the May author—they’ve agreed to take an essay that started life as a January blog entry. (I gave it a good working over before I sent it. It’s better now.)

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