Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Codeshare Overshare

My flight home from JFK to SFO was one of the oddest codeshares I’ve ever been a part of: Delta, Royal Air Maroc, Korean Air, and Czech Airlines.

I didn’t sense a strong Moroccan presence. There were quite a few passengers that I’m assuming were Korean. I had fun guessing which passengers were San Franciscans and which were New Yorkers. (The compulsively chatty couple who shared with me every detail of their trip to Greece and the ensuing lost-luggage saga: probably Californians. And the pushy Woody Allen look-alike who somehow shoved his way in front of me at the ticket counter? I’m blaming him on New York.)

Most interesting were the crowd of women with over-processed hair and their menfolk, all wearing black leather jackets and standing around drinking beer out of plastic cups. I would have guessed they were Russian, but they must have been the Czech contingent. I guess the Russian influence in Eastern Europe shouldn’t be underestimated.

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