Friday, June 06, 2008

A Note to My Kiwi Friends

I hope none of my New Zealand readers are offended by my enthusiasm for a possible trip to Australia. Oz would be a new place for me, and I’m always excited for new experiences.

Please note, though, that as much as I talk about wanting to go to Australia, I haven’t managed to get myself there yet. Whereas I did actually make the effort to get to New Zealand once—and would go back in a heartbeat. (Well, that and if a round-trip ticket fell out of the sky.)


Ruahines said...

Kia ora Nicole,
No offence taken. Oz offers a different southern hemisphere experience. Tasmania is stunning, not unlike Aotearoa in many ways, particularly the access to solitude if desired. Plus, it is cold here in New Zealand right now, though the mountains look pretty awesome, and inviting, glistening with snow up high. Have a great day.
Ka kite ano,

Nicole said...

Well that's a relief!

I doubt I'll get to Tazzie this trip, but it's a place I'd like to visit. If we do go to Australia, it will be to the Port Douglas area, way up north, where I understand it's fairly tropical.

What does "ka kite ano" mean? "Kia ora" I recognize, but "ka kite ano" isn't a phrase I picked up during my too-short stay in N.Z.