Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Empty Lot Wish List

It’s been brought to my attention that I could have been a little more sensitive in my posting about the vacant lot on 14th Street and what might go there. The poster is right, of course. No one who lives, as I do, in an apartment with safety bars over the windows has a right to be snarky about someone else’s neighborhood.

And the thing is, I didn’t mean to be. I’m really enjoying my exploring Oakland project. I think I did get a little freaked out after a couple of days walking around Lowell Playground watching too many drive-by transactions. But that was a short-lived slump. I’m back on the horse, enjoying and appreciating the many good things West Oakland has to offer.

And no, I don’t really wish a big-box store on the place. Here are a few better ideas. They aren’t any better thought out than my Target idea—just better generally.

  1. Affordable housing. (Note to developers: "From the low 500's!" is not affordable.)
  2. Community garden.
  3. Library--this is an enormous lot. It would be like having a Powells Books where the merchandise is free.
  4. Farmer’s market.
  5. Zoo west.
  6. Another park designed by the same people who designed Middle Harbor Shoreline Park.
  7. Mother of all swimming pools.
  8. Minigolf. Or bowling. You can’t do either within the city of Oakland right now.
  9. Farmer Joe’s—with this much room, parking wars and shopping-cart collisions should be a thing of the past.
  10. 100,000 square-foot Fenton’s. Oakland may not exactly be crying out for this much ice cream—but the world is.

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Anonymous said...

Now you're talking. We do get our hackles up pretty easily here, as the neighborhood has suffered a lot over the years at the hands of outsiders. But we're glad to hear that you've been enjoying getting to know the place a little.