Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Almost Done

The following Monday, I was able to turn in the zoning permission form, and they instantly gave me a permit number, which was the one missing piece I needed to fill in the last form, which was the actual business license application. With that done, I headed upstairs to the tax division at the recorder’s office and submitted the application, and one last check. (Actually, this office took credit cards. Nice. Who writes checks any more?)

I won’t have the certificate in my hand for another month, but my understanding is that at this point all my ducks are in a row and I am the proud sole proprietor of Clause and Effect writing and editing services. (And I have the sudden urge to see the movie Brazil again.)


Michael William Scott said...

Congratulations from Canada. What a cool name for your business! (I'm tempted to use it myself....I'm a freelance copywriter....even though MY NAME'S not 'Clausing'!)
Good luck with your enterprise, kiddo.
Just a comment...(why not? I'm in the comment box....)...It sounds like you might be too anxious to jump through everyone else's hoops; couldn't you possibly do business out of your home with NO ONE ever even GUESSING what you were doing in there? (Do you tell them when you're showering, too?? Just kidding, but, I'm guessing all your business is done by email and/or on the internet. Yes? Does that really require that you "license" your house as a place of business? What happens if you want to do some writing while sitting in Starbucks? Do you have to get an addendum to your license that names the coffee shop as an extended workplace?
Seems to me you should be able to do business wherever you and your computer

Nicole said...

You'd think so, wouldn't you? (Don't get me started on the things you're allowed to do in Canada but can't do here....)

To answer your question, yes, I think a lot of people do freelance without business licenses. But I just got a gig freelancing for a big company that does require that all freelancers be licensed. The work will pay well enough that I'm willing to deal with a little red tape to make it happen.