Friday, May 21, 2010


A few weeks ago, I pitched an article on Alice Springs, Australia, to Curve magazine. Today, I heard back from them and it was good news: They want me to go ahead and write it.

I’m not exactly going to retire on the commission from this piece, but I’m excited about it nonetheless. I really do like Curve, which I’ve been reading since the magazine and I were both new on the scene. The editor also seems to share my general ideas about length, content, and tone, and gave me a generous deadline, so I’ve got a good feeling about the project.


Don Clausing said...

That's good news. Who was Alice?

Nicole said...

Alice was the wife of the guy who was postmaster general of South Australia at the time of the town's founding. The postmaster himself got a local river named after him. The postmaster was important to the town because it was originally founded as a telegraph repeater station.

I'm so glad you asked!