Monday, July 20, 2009

More Max

Another great thing about the Melbourne dining scene: They have Max Brenner cafes here.

We have taken to referring to Max Brenner as if he were not only a real person (he’s not), but possibly dating us. Is this healthy? Probably not, but it’s just a vacation thing. The only Max Brenner shops in North America are on the East Coast, and we won’t even be passing through any more Australian cities that have M.B. locations. Melbourne is where this bittersweet affair will come to an end, so we are making our time with Max count.

Like love-struck teens, we make excuses to walk past the store as often as we can. We try to go see Max every day, and if we are separated for an evening, we get a little peevish. I worry that we are very close calculating our two-week anniversaries and writing “Mrs. Max Brenner” on our notebooks.

I don’t know how to quit things like this soufflĂ© with ice cream, strawberries, and two kinds of melted chocolate.

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