Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Seemed Like A Good Idea at the Time

My cable company likes me so much (and why shouldn’t they—I just started giving them five dollars extra a month so that I can watch soccer games filmed with what appears to be the original Zapruder camera) that they gave me a voucher for a free on-demand movie.

I knew I had to use this windfall wisely. It occurred to me that I should probably order a long movie, to maximize the value of the gift. If it were something I’d been meaning to see, obviously that would be a good thing, and if I could claim it were educational, or even work-related, so much the better.

This is how I came to watch the entire movie Australia by myself this evening, while Pipi was away on a business trip. It was kind of fun, and romantic, and full of really pretty things, like outback scenery and Hugh Jackman. Unfortunately, it was also full of really bad special effects, alcoholic Ocker characters, and magical aborigines. I almost always like Australian films in general, and those by Baz Luhrmann in particular. But this was no Strictly Ballroom. It wasn’t horrible; it just proves that Australians can have their sweeping epics fall flat, too.

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