Tuesday, April 08, 2008

What’s Going on Here?

And now Skybus has gone out of business. I wasn’t familiar with them. It’s just surprising to me because it’s the third airline in about a week to cease operations.

Somewhere—I think in a box in my parents’ attic—I have a number of those little plastic pilot wings they give children on airplanes. I know I have several from now-defunct carriers, like TWA and Eastern. I wish I’d been more aggressive about collecting these because I know I’ve flown other airlines that are no longer in business.

Oh, oh. Is it me?


Don Clausing said...
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Don Clausing said...

No, it's just the airline business. On one of my first trips at ATA, the Captain said, "Don't get too comfortable here--I've got 19 different uniforms hanging in my closet." I thought I had broken his jinks. Maybe not.

Nicole said...

So it's you, then?

No, obviously it's just the business. Strange times.