Friday, December 07, 2007

Putting the “on” Back in “Mormon”

Here’s something I meant to show you a few days ago. This is Oakland’s highest-wattage holiday display by far. It’s at a Mormon temple. This temple, which is high up on a hillside, can normally be seen for miles. During the holidays, I would not be surprised if it were visible from space.

As strange and frightening as the place is—the trees are lit but the grounds are dark; there are no visible doorways into the temple; and disembodied choral voices follow you everywhere—I still like to take people from out of town here if they visit in December. A Mormon temple at Christmas is just not something you see every day.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, they make an event of it. I have seen the Christmas display at the Temple in Salt Lake City and also the Temple in Washington, D. C. The next time that I make it to San Francisco for Christmas I want to see yours.