Friday, June 16, 2006

Train Play List

Somebody wanted to know what was on my train play list. Here it is. I know it’s not every train song, not even every great train song. But it does include every great train song that I have- on my ipod.

  • Casey Jones, by the Grateful Dead.
  • Mystery Train, by Elvis Presley.
  • One After 909, by the Beatles.
  • Driver 8, by R.E.M. I’m not actually positive that this is a train song--it’s so hard to tell with R.E.M. But since most train songs are really about something else, I think it works in any case.
  • Crazy Train, by the Waifs.
  • Draw Your Brakes, by an artist named Scotty, off the Harder They Come soundtrack.
  • Folsom Prison Blues, by Johnny Cash.
  • Midnight Train to Georgia, by the Indigo Girls. (I know, I know, but I don’t actually own the Gladys Knight version.)
  • Peace Train, by 10,000 Maniacs. Here’s an example where I do own the original, but I think the record will show that Natalie Merchant was on the right side of history, so I went with her version.
  • Gospel Train, by the Jones Brothers (off a Sun Records collection).
  • She Caught the Train, by UB40.
  • Tied to the Tracks, by Treat Her Right.

Here are my train photos!


Don Clausing said...

A list of great train songs and you left out "Last Train to Clarksville"? But seriously, how about "Downtown Train", Rod Stewart, and, just to be fair to both sexes, "My Baby Thinks He's a Train," Roseanne Cash. You probably know, but some of your thousands of readers may not, that there is a web site for train songs:

Nicole said...

Unbelivably, I don't have any Monkeys on my ipod.

I didn't know about the train song site--thanks!

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