Friday, February 03, 2006

Um, Because It’s There?

Why? What makes me want to take a train all the way across Russia? I’ve actually wanted to take the trans-Siberian railroad since I backpacked through China in 1992. A lot of other backpackers I met had gotten to China this way, and they made it seem really cool.

So yes, there’s a sad suggestion of reclaiming lost youth. I won’t deny that.

Mostly, though, I just really like trains. Not in any special train-spotting kind of way. I don’t mind flying. It’s just that I like the idea of being still for a week, but not actually confined to a seat. I like the fact that you can really see the countryside rolling by. It’s kind of like a road trip without actually having to get behind the wheel in a foreign country. I like that in one trip, while mostly sitting down, I can experience three countries, two of which--Mongolia and Russia--will be new to me. (Don't worry; I do plan to get off the train and walk around.)

I like chatting with people while I travel.

I also like being able to walk away from a conversation if I sit down next to a power-talker by mistake.

Okay, I like vodka, too. So sue me.

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